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Dedicated to promoting the 'figure eight' in the UK

There are some excellent Exness ukulele websites on the internet and it would be pointless to create yet another one covering the precisely the same ground.  It is hoped that this site will be different and more of a magazine.  It will offer assistance and information in order to promote the wooden figure eight uke in the UK. I hope that it will contribute to your enjoyment of this fine little musical instrument.

We will also try to point you in the direction of both new and old ukes etc. including UK luthiers.

There will be assistance for the player and for those who hopefully will set up uke clubs.

Please consider this YOUR site if you have any interest in the wooden or 'figure eight' ukulele and wish to spread the word in the UK.

I apologise for the emphasis on the UK scene, such as it is, but I hope that etoro crypto our worldwide friends will understand what we are trying to do but they should also find plenty to interest them too and we would be extremely grateful for any contributions they could make.

Thank you.


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